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Porter Whybrew

Porters journey started back in 1995 by taking PMU training with Paula Pulmanis using the hand tool method. After continuing her training practicing with plastic surgeons in Memphis Tennessee, Porter decided it was best to obtain a license and open up her very own business. Taking apprenticeships in both Tennessee and Mississippi, Porter obtained the licences she needed to work in both states

After working conservatively on clients for years & feeling confident in her skills Porter continued her professional training in New Jersey using various machine methods to get a well rounded knowledge of the techniques available.

Since training Porter has continued to sharpen her skills and can create almost any cosmetic look you desire, these include; eyeliners, lash enhancement, dramatic wing eyeliner, eye shadows, Full lip tattooing and many more! At Nouveau we also offer medical Areola tattooing to help those who have lost theirs as a result of cancer.

The training doesn’t stop there though, Porter continues to refine her existing skills and learn new ones every day. However with the experience and skills currently available to Porter, you can feel safe in the knowledge that our artist has you covered and you’re in good hands!

Porter Whybrew

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Since 1995 we have the experience and skills necessary to deliver the best results for your cosmetic treatments. Relax you’re in safe hands, we can help!

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