Ombre eyebrow tattoo

The Permanent makeup technique is used to give the missing definition to your natural brows. The procedure involves a dotting method by an experienced artist having complete knowledge about the process. With their artistic insight, the artist fills pigment in the brows starting from the beginning of the arch known as the head of the brow and then gradually gets darker towards its end, giving it a thicker appearance.

This technique fills the brows and gives the client the desired shape, instilling confidence and beauty in that person. With enhanced facial features, a person feels confident, smart, and more like themselves. An admirable quality of this technique is that it gives a natural look with a fading effect.

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Our permanent makeup services

Permanent makeup can enhance your beauty and give your confidence a lift, be the best version of you.




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Beautiful natural brows

Ombre Brows can be used to give your brows density, or to give brows to people who suffer from alopecia. For a person who is longing to get their beauty back, this is an ideal treatment.

The session for this technique varies from skin types. Oily skin may require a few more touch ups than normal skin. Usually, the time period after which the brows require touch ups is 12-24 months; however, in the case of oily skin, it may require a few months before the oil starts lightening the pigment on the skin. The pigment lasts longer on dry to normal skin.

The skin of a person defines the number of sessions of this technique. Usually, permanent makeup eyebrows are achieved in one session and retouch after 6-8 weeks. However, people with skins prone to extreme allergies shall avoid resorting to the Ombre brows technique.