Lip Liner Treatments

Lip liner is the process of imposing micro-pigments through the dermis of your lips. The process first starts with the anaesthetic gel implication to minimize any sudden discomfort. The permanent solution consists of a completely natural and organic composition to provide and illusive effect. The process might last no longer than 1 hour as all the precise and safe measures are taken to provide an authentic effect. PMU lip liner is also suitable for people who are facing any difficulties medically and prefer not to use conventional upon the instructions of their doctor.

PMU lip liner will enhance your lip to a new level. The chance of getting noticed by others will increase by an effective number as people will ask about your lips and pass compliments. This treatment is most viable in the field of permanent makeup or tattooing for the lips.

What we offer is something different from other service providers. We don’t just sell service; we provide experience too which is quite unforgettable for the client. We are experts in getting resolutions for your concerns and provide top-class service like PMU lip liner.

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Our permanent makeup services

Permanent makeup can enhance your beauty and give your confidence a lift, be the best version of you.




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Lip Blusher

Lip blush treatments are a revolutionary way of giving you fuller, rich looking lips without the need for lip filler. The procedure is a tattoo technique that works with the natural lip color to shape and define the lips in a way that makes them stand out.

The healing process for lip blushing is around 5-10 days but leaves you with beautiful natural looking lips for up to 2 years before a top up is required.