Going bald from alopecia is hard to manage. There are various kinds of alopecia, however barely any type causes more trouble to victims than alopecia Totalis and alopecia Universalis. These are the two recognized types that cause balding around the body. The reasons for these kinds of alopecia are unknown, which has made any viable treatment difficult.

Besides, the skin of an alopecia patient can be more delicate, and would need broad information and experience to treat. While the skin of the scalp is different than from any remaining skin on the body, alopecia requires a treatment plan that yields results, not frustration, as can happen when a specialist isn’t taught on this particular skin type.

We are set to make the treatment compliment your facial features and bone design, bringing about a common look that isn’t differentiable from a shaved head or severe cut. Our treatment process is affordable and the time needed to complete it is minimal. Normally our sessions are at an average of not more than 2 to 3 sittings to complete the cohesion of the skin and to provide ideal results.

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Types of scalp micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation is not a one scenario solution for hair loss, it can be used to combat a number of diferent hair loss related issues. This can vary from covering scars from failed hair transplants, to covering the affects of various forms of Alopecia.

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For Women

Scar Camouflage


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HOW smp can help

Our Scalp micropigmentation treatment is utilized to counter act the visual effects made because of exorbitant pulling or strain on the hair. Alopecia Universalis tends to cause hair loss of the hair on the body. We treat each zone of the head with micropigmentation. Alopecia is an immune system sickness, whereby your immune system which is intended for securing your body from bacteria and infections, mistakenly assaults your hair follicles badly.

Our professionals know firsthand exactly how much balding can possibly influence your life and your self-satisfaction. That is the reason our exceptionally compelling team of specialists has submitted their lives and their professions to assisting individuals with veiling the impacts of alopecia with a progressive balding treatment: Scalp Micropigmentation (SMP). Our Scalp micropigmentation treatment gives a modest, safe, and ensured solution for people hoping to cover the impacts of alopecia.