Losing your hair can be one of the worst situations one can experience in their middle age. Your self-satisfaction is low and you aren’t able to look at yourself because it reminds you of when you had a full head of hair? The straightforward answer is you can. Our customized cosmetic hair tattoo process can assist you with regaining your confidence whether or not you’re going bald.

The staggering results of going bald, for men couldn’t possibly be more significant. Negative reluctance and a plunge in satisfaction are regular mental effects, we’ve seen it time and time again, and each time we’ve turned those feelings around with our non-surgical hair replacement procedure for men.

Our men’s hair transplanting systems are something beyond a “human hairpiece”, they are a distinct advantage in men’s balding solutions. A distant memory is the times of hefty hairpieces or hair caps, our procedures are organic and imperceptible so no one needs at any point to realize you’ve completely changed yourself with us in just 2 hours.

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Types of scalp micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation is not a one scenario solution for hair loss, it can be used to combat a number of diferent hair loss related issues. This can vary from covering scars from failed hair transplants, to covering the affects of various forms of Alopecia.

For Men

For Women

Scar Camouflage


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how can smp benefit men?

We’ve assisted many men in conquering their hair loss. As we can, and will do for you. With our incredible ability and effective methodology, alongside the absolute best hair replacement procedures available. Inconspicuous and modern, in addition to the fact that we replace your ‘regular’ look, we additionally assist you with rediscovering your internal beauty.

Our specialists have extraordinary in-depth determination, ability, and proven experience with hair processes for men. We’ve strived to transform the existence of thousands of customers from as younger as only 4 years of age, as far as possible up to the amazing mature age of 80. We’ve experienced it, however above all, we have the right solution to access the best viable hair treatment. If seeing is accepting, you need to explore how we can help you.