Covering scarring with smp

When the scalp gets any injury, it can cause blood vessels and the epidermis to bleed which results in a scar on the head. This scar is no worse for health on one side. On the other side, the scar might cause no hair growth on that part of the scalp. Scars are not visible in the beginning but with time they can reduce the hair growth or stop growth altogether. If the scars are large then there are high chances that there must be an absence of hair growth.

Besides, hair transplantation is expensive and reduces hair growth with time, and causes scars on the back and sides of the head which often result in disappointments. People start to do remedies to recover hair growth but the results are slow and ineffective. The corrective action is to get your hair treated with scalp micropigmentation (SMP) to cover up the scars with the illusion of short hairs that seem to be growing back.

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Types of scalp micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation is not a one scenario solution for hair loss, it can be used to combat a number of diferent hair loss related issues. This can vary from covering scars from failed hair transplants, to covering the affects of various forms of Alopecia.

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Scar Camouflage


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Reasons FOR scarring

There are various reasons for scars on the scalp. It can be a result of hair transplantation or any head injury. In both situations, surgeries affect hair growth which can result in scars and can only be treated by the best solution ever which is scalp micropigmentation (SMP)

How Scalp Micropigmentation is Effective?

The scars tissues are complex parts and it is difficult to work on them. However, scalp micropigmentation (SMP) has been introduced to conceal all types of scars on the scalp. Always select a practitioner with vast experience and customer reviews. A hygienic treatment would be essential to potentially cover the scars on the head. This treatment would hide the scars in a way that makes your look as natural as we can. They blend the hair with tiny pigments making it seem more natural and effective.