Scalp micropigmentation can help women too!

Initially created as a treatment for men, scalp micropigmentation is currently used to treat a great number of women globally who are encountering some sort of progression in terms of severe hair loss. Women lose hair for multiple reasons. Frequently it’s a hormonal irregularity that can show itself as a long term condition, even though there are numerous short term causes as well. A recent pregnancy is a typical reason, alluded to as post pregnancy balding, or balding can be followed back to a response to specific medical treatments.

Alopecia is additionally present among women, and is a condition that takes numerous forms including alopecia areata (patchy hair-fall). Whatever the main reason, scalp micropigmentation for women is an effective solution that is reasonable by and large as it diminishes the differentiation in coloring from the hair to the scalp, making a denser look and concealing a significant part of the effect of going bald in most of the females.

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Types of scalp micropigmentation

Scalp Micropigmentation is not a one scenario solution for hair loss, it can be used to combat a number of diferent hair loss related issues. This can vary from covering scars from failed hair transplants, to covering the affects of various forms of Alopecia.

For Men

For Women

Scar Camouflage


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So What happens?

In the initial step, we will give you a brief consultation, either in-person or by telephone with supporting photos. This allows us to analyze the kind of balding you are facing and decide whether scalp micropigmentation is an appropriate option, given your conditions and treatment points. We comprehend the impact that going bald can have on women, and their reasonable craving to do something to conceal it.

We offer broader consultation on this sort of cosmetic hair loss treatment, and we have the experience it takes to adjust our scalp micropigmentation strategy. Medicines for women are not equivalent to medicines for men and be treated as such. Female patients have exceptionally explicit necessities and confusions. Thus, they require a methodology that works for them and accomplishes their ideal treatment results.

All our SMP treatments are conducted in a private, inviting, and healthy setting. We are focused on aiding as many women as would be prudent to conquer the instabilities of going bald so they can proceed onward in their lives with joy and satisfaction.