Have you noticed your hair thinning or your part becoming wider? Hair loss is perhaps one of the most stressful symptoms to come to terms with, and it is, unfortunately, a common occurrence. In some cases, the loss is unavoidable, but the symptoms can be slowed.

Continue reading below to find out the symptoms of hair loss.


If it seems as if you’re losing more hair than usual, start paying attention. This is the first symptom of hair loss and can lead to other diseases such as baldness, which is the permanent loss of hair on the scalp. Loss is more likely in thick follicles than in thin follicles.

When you get out of the shower, you can easily check to see if there are any noticeable differences in thickness. Check your pillow for any broken strands as well. Your hair will lose traction with its follicles, which makes them snap off because of the weight of the strands extending outwards.

Other signs of loss include your scalp becoming more sunburned or you noticing flaking around your scalp.


Some people will experience a bald patch on their heads and ignore it. The spot will eventually grow in size, causing a significant amount of hair to fall out.

If you have a bald spot on your head, try combing it and gently massaging it to stimulate the skin and hair follicles. It may revive dead follicles; if not, the process of hair loss will be slowed.

You can take biotin supplements to promote healthy growth.

Receding Hairline or Widening Part

A receding hairline is another recognizable symptom of loss. Many people notice that their hairline is receding from the sides and then from the center. This process takes time, and the only way to slow it down is to take care of your mane to prevent further damage and to use a shampoo that does not contain harsh chemicals.

Just as your hairline can recede, your part can widen. This does not happen as quickly as it does when you lose hair, but the parting can eventually grow to be several inches wider than it was before.

To avoid this, you can switch your brush so that it causes less damage to the follicles and stimulates growth strong enough for a healthy mane with each strand in its place.


Many people suffer from hair loss but are unaware of it or believe they have no options. If you keep track of your symptoms, such as thinning, balding, or noticing a receding hairline, and implement some of the advice above, you may be able to slow down the process while you figure out your next steps, which may include the world’s leading hair loss solutions, scalp micropigmentation.

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